Blue Plaque Project #1
26-29 Dean St.

Quo Vadis + Karl Marx


pencil, charcoal
tracing paper

297 x 420 mm

Blue plaque is one of those things that I found culturally stimulating while living in the UK.
It triggered my imagination to think about invisible relationship between the people who used
to live in the place and who are living in that same place at the moment. I am trying to focus
not only on the people in the past who left their significant achievements but also ordinary
people who happen to be living in the same place currently in our time.

The first Blue Plaque that I chose is on a building in 26-29 Dean Street in Soho.
Karl Marx lived on this street between 1851 and 1856, above what was later the
Marco Pierre White and Damien Hurst restaurant Quo Vadis. The Marxes shared
their house in Dean Street with Italian teachers and a cook and were very poor while
living in the street. Marx wrote his iconic book “Das Kapital” which became a bible
for communism while he was living in this flat. Three of their five children died while
living here, all in infancy. Now, the building is still being used as a restaurant under
the same name owned by two Italian brothers.


main door


study room

drawing room