Happy Birthday


tracing paper

2000 x 2000 mm

In my drawing “Happy Birthday”, it depicts the scenery of cultural and economical implantation
from the west and of the “developing”period right after the war.Drawing has been my strength,
and I have been interested in works which are classically executed. I have tried to develop my dra-
wing skills into a tool that is strong enough to help me to earn the chance to be heard. I have deve-
loped to use visual elements derived from architectural plans, because I enjoy practicing the
consummate skill associated with architectural drawing.

Gradually, however I became aware that these architectural elements are more than the means to an end;
they are capable of acting metaphorically, thereby revealing the imaginative scope of the work as a whole.
Further, they have the potential to reveal the internal structure of the subject matter as well as its surface.

As if we look at a plan drawing of a building or product, this drawing shows three different views
of the same scenery from top, front and side. By applying this, the hidden elements can be revealed
to the viewers through these dimensions. Also, I hope that by assembling all three aspects, the viewers
can recollect the hidden scenery of the war effected society, what has been lead by the theme of “postwar


_birds eye's view

_side view_right

_side view_left

_Rough sketches

_full view