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594 x 841 mm






Koreas_Mansooeda Shopping Centre
charts the progress of an imaginary renovation scheme
on Mansooeda Shopping Centre, Pyoyang, the capital city of North Korea.

The triptych moves from left to right, starting with the iconic view of
Mansooeda. From there, it moves into the redevelopment stage (centre),
then to the image of Mansooeda as a temple of shopping.

Since their enforced division more than half a century ago, North and
South Korea have emerged as very distinct entities. Now that the pos-
sibility of re-unification can be mooted, South Korea sees her economic
prosperity as a once-and-for-all solution, as well as being an enticing
invitation to all North Koreans. I am hoping, through architectural drawing,
to focus on the wider perspective of the relationship between the two Koreas:
I want to show that commercialism is not the God-Given solution, despite
what the South Korean authorities may believe.

In this series, I want to illustrate the emptiness of swapping one
'Almighty God’, Kim Il Song, for another tyrant, commercialism.

Jerwood Drawing Prize 2007
Student prize winner

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594 x 841 mm

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