The Neo
Tower of Babel


tracing paper

8000 x 4000 mm

Man set out to build the Tower of Babel, arrogantly assuming their technological skill
would enable them to reach God. However, their construction infuriated God and to punish
man he divided the language they spoke, so they could no longer communicate as one.
Even though man’s first attempt failed, I think he has never given up the desire ‘to reach god’.

These drawings visualize my interpretation of a new tower. Man began construction from
where the myth ended, a construction that is forever in progress. The facade shows architecture
from the Classical and Medieval through to the Industrial and Modern periods. The main source
of power from each of these periods is then depicted on the corresponding section of the side view.

It might be said we have already reached God and we no longer need to keep building, others
say because of our arrogant nature we will be punished again. I wanted to provoke these questions
by showing the traces of human civilization; man’s eternal drive towards God.

2013 Sustain RCA_London Design Festival / Winner_'Moving Mind; category
2013 Jerwood Drawing Prize / shortlisted
2013 Brian Robb award / Winner


Video footage

Setting it up